Who are we?

Welcome to Well Armed, where cutting-edge sports apparel meets sustainability and social responsibility. Designed amidst the rugged landscapes of North Wales, our brand is dedicated to outfitting athletes with gear that not only enhances performance but also minimises environmental impact. At W-Armed, we believe in the power of recycled technical materials to redefine the boundaries of sportswear. 

Each garment is meticulously crafted to embody sleekness and functionality, ensuring that athletes can push their limits while treading lightly on the planet. But our commitment doesn't end there. For every item sold, we proudly support Conwy Mind, a remarkable charity dedicated to nurturing mental well-being within our communities. 

We understand that mental health is just as vital as physical health, which is why we've partnered with Conwy Mind to ensure that no one faces their struggles alone. Conwy Mind provides a lifeline for individuals across Conwy, Anglesey, and Gwynedd, offering inclusive and accessible services to combat stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health. By supporting Conwy Mind, you're not just investing in your own physical growth; you're also championing someone else's mental well-being.

 Elevate your game with W-Armed. For every purchase, 5% of the profit goes to Conwy Mind. Double the impact with our W-Armed X Conwy Mind range, proudly donating 10% of the profit per garment. Join us in our mission to make a difference, one stride at a time. With W-Armed, you're not just wearing sportswear – you're embodying a commitment to sustainability, performance, and compassion.